Is over exercising as bad as not exercising ?



During Menopause over – exercising is just as bad for you as not exercising at all!


I used to be a cardio and weight training nut.


Every other day, religiously and for years, I worked out with my personal trainer. Just like many of you, I thought it was the only way to stay healthy and keep from gaining weight.


I loved the feeling of breaking a sweat and feeling totally exhausted after a workout – It was my escape from the daily stresses.


But just like that, I no longer felt the excitement for a strenuous workout – it felt like “work”. My workout BECAME a source of stress!


So what was going on? ….The signs weren’t very clear at first.


Over the course of a year, unbeknownst to me, I had started peri menopause. I slowly gained 10 pounds, didn’t sleep through the night, had no energy, started to have gut issues and undiagnosed hypothyroidism.


Exercise is typically a good stress, unless the body is already under a lot of stress.



You see – Our bodies typically respond to exercise by building stronger bones and muscles.  We also get the added benefits of eliminating toxins through the lymphatic system and sweat, among other things. 


But exercise demands a lot from our bodies in terms of nutrients to rebuild muscle tissue, to build bone density, and for oxygen and blood delivery – which only gets harder during menopause.  


When the body is under tremendous amount of stress from external or internal factors – exercise can deplete it even more.


….AND it can even be down-right dangerous to your health!


Exercise also elicits a sympathetic “fight or flight” response, also known as a stress response that signals the production and utilization of the stress hormone known as cortisol. 


When we are in fight or flight mode, the body sends all of its resources outwards for quick moving and thinking, leaving little to no resources available for healing.


The truth is…. I knew I needed another way to deal with my shifting health.


My body instantly responded.  My energy went up, my sleep was better and my weight slowly but steadily started to come off.  I overall just felt better about myself and in my body.


The truth is…. During peri or menopause a less strenuous, less exerting workout puts less stress on the body and speeds up recovery.


As a bonus….It can help the body’s ability to heal!


How did I do it, you ask?


Well, there are many ways to receive the health benefits of movement without placing too much of a demand on your body.


I shifted my focus to include more restorative type of movement and exercise such as yoga, pilates and daily walks.  I got a timer and every hour I would get up from my desk and just move.


If you suspect that exercise might be getting in the way of having better health or you want to assess the possible burden of stress on your body, then schedule your FREE health discovery session HERE