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Day 7: Incorporate Kundalini


I have been doing Kundalini yoga for years and it has been a BIG part of my journey to finding balanced hormones again, healing from Hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue.  When I was in the midst of struggling, Kundalini was a saving grace that helped me to strengthen the relationship with my body, my mind and restore my faith in my ability to heal.

The founder of Kundalini, Yogi Bhajan, believed that the glands are the “guardians of health” because the glands work with our nervous system, endocrine system, the chakra system, and other glands and organs in the body.

Certain poses, mantras or parts of the Kundalini practice are designed to stimulate specific glands to remove blocks of energy and create space for positive energy to flow so our hormones can be in balance. 

For example, the breath of fire meditation helps to activate and heal the adrenal glands and the phrase “sat nam” activates the pineal gland which is responsible for brain activity, sleeping patterns, and the secretion of melatonin and serotonin.  And oftentimes mantras or meditations involve a turning of the head which massages the thyroid.

Kundalini is not what you typically would think a yoga practice looks like.  In my experience, it involves different seated breathing techniques, energizing mantras, meditations, arm and leg movements to get chi (aka energy) moving.

The best part about Kundalini is how impactful it can be in such a short amount of time!  You can do most of the meditations in as little as 1-3 minutes and they will give you an abundance of benefits.

I personally incorporate different types of Kundalini modalities into my daily routine.  I almost always start my day with a breath of fire meditation to balance my adrenals and ego, and to lay the foundation for how I want my day to go.

I encourage you to find a Kundalini studio near you or search out resources on the internet such as for ways that you can incorporate Kundalini into your life this holiday season to keep your hormones happy!


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