Products We Love

Practice conscious living and your health will follow - It will make a difference choosing  what you put in and on your body. Here are my favorites to get you started! 

As we continue on our pursuit to better health and wellness there is a litany of products on the market and you just don't know where to start   It is hard to keep up and know which products are best for you. 

Here are a few of the best items I swear by to maintain my personal health and wellness. I will keep adding to this list as I try and incorporate them into my daily rituals you can too!


Beauty Counter image 2


BEAUTY COUNTER is a line of cosmetics  I swear by. There are a number of toxins and heavy metals in makeup that contribute to oxidative stress throughout the body on a daily basis. This puts you at risk for developing imbalances deep within the body contributing to autoimmune diseases and cancer.   I have used this brand for years and especially love their, night treatment and cleansing balm. 


Young Living is the world's first and foremost clean crafted essential oils straight from the field to you. In my quest for better health I added an arsenal of essential oils to my daily rituals that have been a game changer. 

Young Living


Working on it....