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Day 9: Benefit of Bone Broth


 Bone broth is a superfood for your immune system and gut health, which is where a LOT of hormone interactions take place such as…


The conversion of thyroid T4 to T3

Conversion of glucocorticoids into androgens (a group of steroid hormones)

Where neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine are made


Approximately 80% of your immune system is housed in the gut (aka the intestinal lining).  The immune system cells also synthesize, store and secrete hormones, which are identical to the hormones of the endocrine glands (thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin hormones etc.)


Bone broth helps to keep your gut healthy and therefore your hormones healthy too, because it is rich in minerals for immune system function plus it has healing compounds for the intestinal lining such as glutamine, collagen, glycine and proline.


Don’t get it wrong though, bone broth is different than your everyday chicken, beef or vegetable stock.  Bone broth is made by simmering the actual bones of the animal (commonly chicken or beef) which is where all of the beneficial nutrients come from to support your hormones!


You can grab grass-fed, organic bone broth at just about any health food or grocery store, or snag the Vital Proteins or Ancient Nutrition bone broth powders on Amazon.


Here are some ways you can incorporate bone broth into your day to support your hormones through the holidays:


Drink it as a hot cup of tea with some added spices; ginger, sea salt, and cayenne are great!

Use it in any recipe that calls for any kind of stock or broth (gravy!)

Make a simple soup of celery, carrots, sea salt and pieces of chicken (boil then serve)


In addition to supporting immune system and hormone functions, bone broth also improves your overall gut health so you can absorb more nutrients from other foods you are eating to promote positive hormone balance.

Give yourself and your hormones the gift of bone broth this holiday season!


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