Healthy Hormone Hacks – Grand Finale

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Day 12: Embrace Joy & Epigenetics



Today I woke up with a heart full of gratitude and joy after spending a fun-filled and festive evening with family.  My hormones are rejoicing even after a night of wine, dessert and not so great sleep.


We either underestimate or usually aren’t aware of the influence that our mindset has on our hormones or the power of epigenetics.  But ‘tis the season to be full of joy, happiness and gratitude which can positively impact our hormone health.


Our genes determine only about 20% of our health, leaving 80% to be determined by our choices in life, our mindset and our environment.  The concept of epigenetics looks at this interplay of hereditary genes versus how they actually express themselves based on a person’s lifestyle. A recent study about epigenetics and endocrinology (the study of hormones in the endocrine system) stated:


“Mounting evidence now suggests that epigenetics is the missing link between genetics, the environment, and endocrine function. In this regard, genetics provides a basis for epigenetic modifications and a blueprint for hormone action. However, the great variability in endocrine function and susceptibility to endocrine-related diseases among individuals or populations is clearly determined by epigenetics.”


This is thrilling news!  This is proof that you are not destined to become the collection of your genes, but that you can alter your gene expression and thus set yourself up for better hormone health by maintaining a positive mindset, a clean environment and making healthy choices.


Embracing the joy in life and adopting an attitude of gratitude is one of the simplest actions you can take to support your hormone health.  Sure we all go through crappy stuff in our lifetime – things don’t go as planned, there will always be traffic or family fights – but how we choose to deal with it is what can make the difference in our hormone health.


The holidays are a time to reflect on all that has happened over the past year, to find gratitude in even the darkest of moments for the lessons that have been learned and to look ahead for happiness in the future.


So today I leave you with this last tip for the 12 Days of Healthy Hormone Hacks for the Holidays.  If you do nothing else that I have talked about this holiday season for your hormones, simply embrace joy and positively influence epigenetics and your hormones as a result.


Take a moment today and for the rest of the year to write down at least 3 things that brought you joy or that you are grateful for.


This is how I end every evening, by writing down 3 things I am incredibly grateful for.  As I look back at what I have written down over the past year I can see the vast changes that have happened in my body and in my life, the challenges I have overcome and what I was able to appreciate even on the toughest of days.


Today I am joyful and grateful for:

Being with family as I travel from one household to another

How the message of (W)holistic Health Boss has reached so many and those who have been following me

My health and how it has supported me in pursuing my dreams and passions

All of the opportunities that 2020 holds for me personally and professionally


As we wrap up this series, Head on over to my Facebook and Instagram or join my FREE group Sexy & Sassy Menopause  and drop a comment with what you are joyful or grateful for this holiday season. Give your epigenetics and hormone balance a boost today and for the rest of the year.

Happy holidays!

xx Jeannine