One of the most common questions I get about the SEXY MENOPAUSE MAKEOVER is…

“Jeannine,  I have done it all. Will this work if I have already tried EVERYTHING with no results?!”


ALL of the women that find me have been through it all. They’ve had  bloodwork, doctor’s visits, HRT, BHRT, hormone  tests, and more…


They’ve googled themselves into panic, confusion, and overwhelm. Joined support groups that just continue the cycle of trial and error.


They’ve walked out of their doctor’s office crying – misunderstood, laughed at, and belittled.


They’ve tried elimination diets, Gluten-free, Vegan, AIP, Cleanses and Superfoods.


And at this point, they don’t know what to think.


If you’re in the same place, I can tell you right now…


This doesn’t need to be your new normal. Promise.


When I sit down with these women, I always find that no one has ever given them a holistic plan to address their hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety and mood swings.


They’ve tried tons of pills and diets, but never a comprehensive plan that includes lab testing, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, emotional unblocking, and a step by step intentional customized food protocol.

 I know because I’ve been there too. After much trial and error, I restored my health and got my quality of life back.

Now I help other women to do the same.

Your menopausal health plan should include everything listed above (and sometimes even a few other elements).

And if it doesn’t? That might be why the things you’ve tried in the past haven’t worked — or have just masked the symptoms for a couple weeks or months.

If this sounds like you and you want to take charge of your health, get to the root cause and tackle your menopausal symptoms once and for all– then BOOK YOUR IDEAL HEALTH & WEIGHT DISCOVERY CALL HERE

xx Jeannine